victor jaschke

1985-89 studies landscape ecology and landscape design in vienna
1989-93 studies directing and camera at the film academy vienna

since 1991 shortfilms, documentaries and artfilms
since 1992 working with artists and art groups in austria and germany on instalations, public interventions, exhibitions and artistic research
since 2007 working on several documentaries in indonesia
since 2008 working with ascan breuer on several projects as part of the "dokumentarisches labor"
since 2010 video and photo-works for cultural institutions in austria
since 2011 teaching media competence in indonesia
since 2015 working on several artistic research projects in vienna, stockholm, graz
since 2015 working with refugees using rule-free language to counteract the abuse of the language as an instrument of oppression
since 2017 working with javanese artists on a longterm research film
since 2019 photographic-longterm project with refugees in vienna