filmmaker and photographer on culture and human rights

studies at the film academy vienna (stummer, cortie, patzak)
since 1992
shortfilms, documentaries and artfilms
working with the art group geschwister odradek, austria
several installations and public interventions in austria and germany
working with the art group gelitin in austria, italy, germany
since 2007
working with ascan breuer on film projects as part of the dokumentarisches labor
since 2008
working on documentaries in indonesia jakarta disorder
social work with indonesian ngo upc (urban poor consortium)
since 2010
video and photo-works for cultural institutions in austria
teaching media competence for ngo´s: upc, desantara fondation and universities in indonesia for social self-empowerment
since 2012
cinematic and technical advice on art projects
since 2015
working on several artistic research projects in vienna, stockholm, graz
since 2015language trainer at ute bock education center, vienna

social work with refugees, vienna
since 2017
working with indonesian-javanese artists on a longterm research film
since 2019
since 2020
photographic-longterm project with refugees in vienna
part of the creative expert network o*
since 2022
certified adult trainer for german language and topic-centered interaction