films in cooperation with artists and cultural institutions in europe and indonesia  

artfilm - created in a cloud tank - an analog illusion medium in the form of an aquarium used for the production of science fiction films in the 1970s - director ralo mayer
- camera-dop

artfilm - concluding symposium of an artistic research project
by nikolaus gansterer and alexa arteaga
- camera-dop, postproduction

artfilm on f.w.murnau, director thomas hörl - vienna, berlin
- camera-dop

artfilm in cooperation with ralo mayer - vienna
- camera

documentary about a climate activistic and artistic work by betty beier
dom museum wien - vienna 16 min -
- camera, postproduction

performative film project with kozek-hörl as part of
“serpentinen” temporary art interventions
at grossglockner hochalpenstraße
- camera-dop, fielddirector, visual design and postproduction

videoperformance jan machacek, oliver strotz  -  vienna
- camera

various positions in sound art and digital art,
spread across gallery and museum spaces in the inner city of graz.
a project by hanns holger rutz & david pirrò
institute of electronic music and acoustics (iem)
university of music and performing arts graz.
- director, camera-dop, postproduction

 video work for a multimedia performance evening at brut-vienna,
coproduction of verein zur förderung der bewegungsfreiheit
and brut wien supported by ma7 wien kultur 2019
- camera postproduction

dance and media art project
a co-production by m.a.p. vienna 2018 and brut wien
art-documentation, vienna, 57 min
- camera, postproduction

film interpretation of the artistic research event:
“exploring formats enriching practice”
in collaboration with gerhard eckel, michael schwab, david pirrò
artfilm, at mumuth graz, 18 min
- director, camera-dop, visual design, postproduction

film interpretation of the artistic research project:
“transpositions [tp]. artistic data exploration "
in collaboration with gerhard eckel, michael schwab, david pirrò
in vienna and stockholm
artfilm, stockholm-vienna, 21min
- director, camera, postproduction

film interpretation of the exhibition „datarush"
as part of the artistic research project: "transpositions".
in collaboration with gerhard eckel, michael schwab, david pirrò
at “ail, wien”
artfilm, vienna, 8 min
- director, camera, postproduction

  • 2016 ▫ „nach dem sex“
videowork for the exhibition sex in vienna
in collaboration with ulli gladig
at wien museum
artfilm, vienna, 5 min
- camera

mediaperformance by jan machachek,
wuk - vienna
documentary, vienna, 90min
- camera

video works for the artistic research project
in collaboration with nikolaus gansterer, mariella greil, emma cocker
art films, vienna, 1-12 min
- camera, postproduction

  • 2015 ▫„on and beyond a stage“
performance series "as can be seen from"
in the kunstraum niederösterreich, vienna
documentation, vienna, 21 min
- camera, postproduction

"chelsea fringe" as part of the exhibition project:
"words connecting generations"
shortfilm, vienna, 22 min
- director, camera-dop, postproduction

several art films with the art collective „geschwister odradek“
16mm / austria/ 1993-97/ 3 to 12 min
- camera-dop, postproduction
art film image