non filmic independent artworks in europe

multimedia installation as part of the eu project "clarinet".
after years of fleeing, hamid managed to bring his family to austria.
together we developed a short portrait of his family in form of a "narrative case".
- concept, director, camera, postproduction

conception and realization of a performative group work and development of a complex sound installation "laufton"
with marisa growaldt, peter kozek, elinor mora, michaela mück, gerhard veismann, josh fur and roman steger, vienna

installation and performance as part of the exhibition “z-set contributions to the universal memorybank “ by peter kozek, project space at the kunsthalle vienna

interactive sound installation for the exhibition “coming out analysis”
at künstlerhaus klagenfurt

interactive performance and intervention with a rolling bed , a lama and children in public space as part of "soho-ottakring" in vienna

  • 1993 ▫"raumlichtsegel"
complex interactive analog space-film-light installation for an exhibition in cooperation with werner moser and priska graf - staedelschule frankfurt